High performance in surfactant optimized solutions; Enables low temperature washing; Enhances removal of bleachable stains; Supports sustainable convenience claims such as “compaction”, “energy-saving”, “easy-to-use” Unique and universal multi-benefit polymer for liquid laundry Product information


On the basis of launderometer tests and trials in an industrial washer extractor it was proven that the special polymer Sokalan® HP 20 helps to prevent graying of  

Appearance Sokalan® HP 20 is a clear to slightly cloudy, yellowish to brownish liquid at room temperature and tends to form sediment in the coldness. Sokalan® HP 20 is a modified polyethylene imine in aqueous solution and completely miscible with water. Sokalan® HP 20 Unit Value Physical form (23 °C) liquid Concentration (ISO 3251) % approx. 80 Water content (ISO 760, K.Fischer) % approx.

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Find the latest information on Products, Formulations and even complete Concepts. Description. Sokalan® HP50 polymer is 95% active Polyvinylpyrrolidone, containing approximately 360 monomer units. Because of the permanent dipole structure, Sokalan HP50 polymer will complex polarizable and acidic compounds, including hydrogen peroxide.It finds use in detergents as an anti-redeposition agent (especially on carbonaceous soil) and as an anti-dye transfer agent, where it Sustainable Development Bringing sustainability up to speed.

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Sokalan® HP 22G is commonly used as a polymeric detergent additive used to prevent soil redeposition in laundry and auto-dish detergents. Sokalan® HP 22G is especially effective in low-phosphate and phosphate-free detergents and can also help to improve soil release on polyester and polyester-cotton blends.

Sokalan hp 20


Sokalan ® HP 20 provide enhanced performance Trilon ® M, the readily biodegradable alternative to phosphate, secures performance for automatic dishwashing products New low-molecular proteins Nutrilan ® Keratin LM and Gluadin ® Kera-P LM repair, strengthen and protect the hair Ludwigshafen, Germany October 12, 2016 – At the 6– 3rd A laundry liquid composition comprises: -cleaning surfactant component, -from 5 to 20% wt. water, -soil release polymer, and -at least one of (i) polyethylene imine or derivative thereof and / or (ii) enzyme. Sokalan® HP 20 significantly improves the dispersion of particulate soils in the washing liquor. In all tests a significantly smaller degree of graying was observed also on the ballast load.
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Sokalan hp 20

Show details: Sokalan HP 165: Show details: Sokalan HP 20: Multifunctional polymer, Boosts the detergency of LAS. Reduces clay re-deposition. Improves detergency on oxidizable stains. Effective at moderate pH. Show details: Sokalan HP 22 G: Useful as an Anti-graying polymer for polyester Polymer Additives, Plasticisers, Polymer stabilizers, Nucleating agents are available as stabilizers, plasticizers, flame retardants, nucleating agents for use in polymers.

80 Water content (ISO 760, K.Fischer) % approx.
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PRD-No.* 30516313 * BASF’s commercial product numbers. Appearance Sokalan® HP 20 is a clear to slightly turbid, light-yellowish to amber liquid. Handling and Storage Handling a) Sokalan ® HP 20 should be stored in a dry, cool place in tightly sealed Complete Sokalan Hp 20 2020-2021 online with US Legal Forms. Easily fill out PDF blank, edit, and sign them.

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Sokalan HP 20 polymer BASF – The Chemical Company Logo BASF is a chemical company that specializes in plastics, chemicals, crop protection and performance products, as well as being a supplier of cosmetics ingredients.

This product can be easily formulated into highly concentrated, clear liquid monodoses that provide versatile solutions for innovative products.